Transformers Birthday Party


Birthday parties is my thing. People always ask me “you throw a party every year????” yes I do! i love it. Parties get my brain working. There is no limit when it comes to parties. My brain works best when im busy. My son Alexander turned 5 this year. He asked for a Transformers party. I googled trasnformer party and not many parties came up. Well some did..but I hate those branded birthday parties. The ones with the plates, napkins, table cloths balloons all branded in transformers. Its so unoriginal and every other kid has that same looking party. Image

I decided to go with a comic book vintage theme. I went to a comic store and bought some Transformer comics. I cut out the pages to make the desert table backdrop. I also made a cone template, and cut the comic out to make popcorn cones.Image

I researched famous transformer quotes and the first quote that came up was “transform and roll out”. First thing that came to mind was tootsie roll! (I ended up making California rolls.)I kept reading more and more quotes and copied down any quote that reminded me of food. All the quotes inspired my menu.ImageImageImageImage



Along the wall I stuck 100 pictures of Alexander transforming from a newborn to a 5 year old. The kids decorated Autobot and Decepticon sugar cookies.Image

They dressed up, played games and had a blast!Image

6 thoughts on “Transformers Birthday Party

  1. Party looked amazing! Love the transforming Alexander!! So cute and so sentimental. You’re so smart and creative. Post more so I can steal your ideas! 😉 xoxoxoxo

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