A little light shines so bright


This really is the most wonderful time of the year! All the lights and decoration are so pretty.  I was truly inspired by a video on Chanukah given over by Rabbi Dovid Charlop.

( Link: http://youtu.be/3ZyR-fiLF4I )

On the table I wrote “light” out of tea lights.


Chanukah is a time when we bring light into this world. But how do we bring light? Do we donate all the money we have? Do we give over ALL our time to do charity and good deeds for others?

Nowadays everyone thinks so big. Big business, big house, big diamonds…not that that’s bad, but many times we get lost in this. Sometimes we need to think a little smaller. The big things rarely happen over night. Many times we get lost in those fancy lights and forget what truly brings light into the world.

On Chanukah for eight days we light candles. On the first night we light one candle, second night two and so on for eight nights. Each little light shines, and by the eighth night all eight candles illuminate so bright.

It’s the impact of the little things and hard work that make the big things. Think about the moment, and what can be done right now. Light one candle today, give $0.50 to charity, wish someone well wishes. If you do this everyday, imagine how bright you can make this world over time.

This message really hit me because for the longest time I wanted to have a blog and I kept saying, “but I am not good at writing and photography”. I realized that thinking so big will get me nowhere. So my message to you all is…Think Small!, if we think small we can bring light one step at a time till it illuminates brighter and brighter.

Dreidel Banner

All you need: Scissors, Glue, Decorative paper, Ribbon or beaded string.

IMG_4888 IMG_4892                                      IMG_4897

Metallic Gelt Crinkle Cookies

Seen on Busy in Brooklyn blog.



Chanukia Sugar Cookies

Did you notice I used the leftover transformer cookies?




Jelly + Vanilla Glazed Doughnuts





Crispy Potato Latkes

Recipe from Cooksillustrated.com




Menorahs by Michael Aram

(How do I contact Mr. Aram? Middle and right are beautiful, but not kosher)


Candle making




9 thoughts on “A little light shines so bright

  1. חני אני מאוד אוהבת את המוסר שאת נתת בשביל חנוכה. הכל נראה מקסים בשביל חג האורים. חני יישר כוח! מאמא

  2. Chani ur blog looks really awsome!! Everything looks soooo yummy! Good luck may you continue to shine light on everyone around you!! Love you!

  3. just found out about your blog..your sufganiyot look amazing! too bad i found the photo after chanukah:( can you post the recipe? want to bookmark it for next year…)

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