Shemtovs Pizza

There will be no cooking this week. Daniel has a business trip in Florida, so I decided to go with him. This means we will be going out to eat every night, so G-d willing I will share my experiences at every restaurant we will eat at.

Tonight we needed a quick, kid friendly restaurant. We had just got off the plane and the kids were exhausted and hungry. My friend recommended that we go to Shemtovs Pizza in Miami Beach.

The restaurant needs a major makeover. It reminds me of a huge warehouse. The ceilings are extremely high and have this black looking plaster all over it. The tables are the Lifetime Costco plastic tables. Not much effort was put in the décor. Cosmeticly, the restaurant looked like a disaster.

The service was good, the waiter made recommendations, and always checked in on us to make sure we were doing OK. The presentation of the food was surprisingly nice, something I did not expect at all…

I ordered Tortellini Pesto. The pasta was way over cooked. The biggest problem is that it looked so yummy and creamy, but didn’t taste that way at all. It was definitely edible, but I wouldn’t order it again.


The pizza fries were soggy in the center, and crispy/burnt on the sides. I am not a fan of processed frozen fries. I like them freshly made.


I did like the nachos! The chips were crispy throughout. The Chili had a great taste. The cheese looked like the movie theater nacho cheese. I think I would prefer real cheese, but my husband really liked it. I would order this again.


We ordered a half jalapeno/pineapple and crispy onion pizza. I liked the jalapeno/pineapple side better. The sweet and spicy combination was really good. the crust also tasted good. The crispy onion side left a slight bitter taste in my mouth. They used the French’s processed fried onions by French’s.  As you know I’m all about the FRESH FRESH and FRESH. It would have been perfect if they were made in house.


Overall, the restaurant is very confusing. On one hand the menu, food, and presentation is telling me they are a restaurant, not a Pizza Shop. On the other hand, the entire  décor of the restaurant gives off the impression of a hole in the wall Pizza Shop. Its one way or the other, you can’t charge $15.00 for pasta, be served by a waiter, but eat off a plastic table from Costco.

In closing, I would go back for pizza, and nachos, but would probably stay away from the other foods on the Menu. I feel like take out would be the way to go for this place.

Good night, and I will see you tomorrow G-d willig.


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