China Bistro

China Bistro is located in Aventura, Florida. They specialize in Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese cuisine. The ambience was amazing! The place was packed, and the music as you walk in was pumpin.

During the meal there was a couple of birthdays at the restaurant. The entire staff as well as the owner came to the table with the desert and sang Happy Birthday with a great beating song over the loudspeakers.

Before I get into the food, I really want to give a shout out to our waiter Adam Jones. Not only was he just amazing during this experience, I remembered him from last year. We came exactly a year ago and had a table of 20. He was on the money for the whole meal, quick and professional.

We started out with the South Beach and Jalapeno Roll. Although the South Beach roll tasted OK, for $11.75 I expected a fuller roll. The Jalapeño roll was bland, and not spicy. It was basically a vegetable roll with pieces of Jalapeno.


Daniel loved the Hot and Sour Soup. I am not a fan of any Hot and Sour Soups, because I think they taste like a farm. He thinks I am crazy when I say this…HAHA…To me, certain foods taste the way I smell them. Do u know what I mean?????


The spare ribs were excellent. They had a perfectly sweet sauce that glazed the meat really well.


These were my favorite of the night!


The Buffalo wings had the same sauce as the Ribs. They were delicious, and well portioned.


We ordered a $25.00 bottle of wine; accidently they sent a $90.00 bottle. It was a Baron Herzog Cabernet 2008 Special Reserve. I don’t drink alcohol but everyone else was very happy.


The Bistro Chicken In Soothing Lettuce Wraps is a fun appetizer. You put the chicken inside the lettuce and make a wrap.


My friend created this dish. It is the same chicken from the wraps, on a bed of Ceaser Salad. The crunchiness of the water chestnuts work really well with the salad, and the overall flavors mesh together.


I ordered the Beef and Broccoli. The meat was cooked well, but the sauce was too sweet.


The Kung Pao Duo was not on the menu. The waiter recommended it. I would recommend it to someone who likes battered Chinese food. The first bite is great, but a whole dish is too heavy for me.


The Cowboy Steak is aged for 21 days. It was asked to be cooked medium well, and it came exactly that way. It was flavorful, juicy, and tender. But I felt that the presentation was lacking, and the French Fries were lame.


The desert was disappointing. We ordered a Chocolate Soufflé with Vanilla Ice Cream. Not only did it come without the ice cream, it was dry and in my opinion inedible. The waiter made up for it by sending the rest of the deserts on the house…


The Chocolate Mousse did not have great texture, and was not chocolaty. It tasted like a store bought cake.


The trios of Sorbets were fun to sample. I personally liked the coconut best, but the lychee and mango were also very good.


Overall we had a great time; Great company, good atmosphere and good Asian food.


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