Mozart Cafe (Boca Raton)

Mozart Cafe just opened up two new locations; Miami and Boca. Last year I went to the original Mozart in Hollywood. I was seriously obsessed. Everything was amazing; sushi, pasta, salads, sandwiches, service and ambience. I was so excited to go back this time. Unfortunately it did not come close to as good as the original.

It was really chilly, so we started out with soup. Vegetable and Sweet Potato. They were both okay. The bowls were HUGE! It was very filling, and if you’re not a germy it can be shared.



The sesame crusted tuna was fresh, but needed a better sauce. They did not have wasabi, and when we asked for spicy mayo they gave us chili sauce. (This location did not have sushi.) The waitresses was nice, but she didn’t know much about the menu. It was also slow and unorganized.


The pizza was very good. I loved the cheese and the crust was crispy.


I LOVE PASTA! But not this one 😦 Two words AL DENTE! I don’t enjoy over cooked pasta, it just ruins everything. The sauce was great, but the mushy pasta killed it.


When you walk in on the left they have a self-serve frozen yogurt bar. I did not taste this, by my aunt liked it.


I would not order the triple chocolate mousse again. The bottom cake layer was dry and the middle and top layer were bland.


I love good food, and very rarely am I blown away at a restaurant. When I go out to eat, I expect to eat food that’s different and amazing. Its really annoying to pay for and eat food that I can make better at home. I want to eat something and be like Wow! This is amazing…I NEED the recipe.


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