Rare Steakhouse

Rare Steakhouse is located in Miami Beach Florida. They were located on 41st street in a small elegant storefront. But recently moved to the lobby of an apartment building; Tower 41. The restaurant is in a huge white empty looking room. It seemed like we were in a hotel at a continental breakfast. The previous location had a better ambience and nicer decor.

The place was  packed. Although our server was very busy. He managed to check up on us quite often. He was also very knowledgable of the menu and food. Thank you Damon for the great service!

The Crunchy Volcano Roll was a little dry. It needed a sauce to bring all the flavors and crunch together.


I really liked the Nitro Scallops. They were crispy and sweet.


I was not impressed with the Buffalo Wings. The were dry and the skin was soggy. If you want the recipe look on the back of the Franks Red Hot Sauce bottle.


The Southwest Chili was slightly spicy. It had a good tomatoey flavor. I wasn’t so in the mood for chili but it tasted good.


I did not taste the Miami Tropics Salad, but my friend really liked it. The chicken was cooked perfectly.


The presentation in the Pomegranate Chicken was lame and didn’t taste great.


The Delmonico Steak was the best dish of the night. It was aged for 21 days and really well marbled. It was tender and flavorful. I loved the onion rings. They were crispy and fresh. I was not a fan of the truffle fries.


I really enjoyed the Skirt Steak. It’s a salty cut of meat, but I love the flavor. The chimichurri and bearnaise sauce were amazing, I loved how they tasted with the steak. The sweet potato fries were decent.


The blood orange sorbet was refreshing, and had an incredible after taste. It had a great balance of flavors.


The Bread Pudding was not edible. It tasted like stale old nasty bread.


The Apple Tartin had these really delicious apple chips on top. The crust was dry, and the center was okay. This desert has potential to be amazing, but needs some work.


Overall Rare is a good restaurant, but for the status that the restaurant has, with the prices they charge, you would assume that they wouldn’t take shortcuts that affect the quality of their food. If you are paying $7.00 for a side of french fries, you would expect them to be made in-house and not purchased ready-made. If you are paying $70.00 for a steak you might expect the meal to be plated or presented nicer.

Rare definitely has a lot of potential being one of the premier Kosher restaurants in Miami, but they need to get back on track, and be as good as they were when they were a storefront on 41st street.


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