House of Dogs

House of Dogs is located in Miami Beach Florida. We ate here when we were in Miami last year. They were open for only two weeks, the menu was limited, they didn’t have fries or a deep fryer, so we went next door to Rare ordered fries and brought them back to House of Dogs. We really enjoyed everything about this restaurant. A year later they have expanded their menu, and maintained the consistency of being a great establishment. I was excited to go back, and was not disappointed when I left.

Love, Love, Love the ambience. Rock n roll music, retro coca cola memorabilia, vintage licence plates, chalk board walls, a motor cycle, etc… are just a few of the props that really make this place original. This is a cool joint without having to try to hard to be cool.

The beers that are here are either Micobrewed or imported. Some of the restaurant was like a Hofbrauhaus with a communal wooden table, and wooden chairs. My husband ordered a Hefeweizen which is a wheat beer. He enjoyed it, and said the selection of beers they had was extensive and unique.


The chicken fingers were juicy inside and crispy on the outside. I liked the sesame seeds in the crumbs. The french fries were well seasoned and generously portioned. I also really liked the garlic mayo dressing.


My favorite part of their hot dogs, is that they are infused with beer. I am not a beer drinker, but the flavor of the beer in the hot dog works so well together. This is the Miami Heat dog topped with chili, sautéed onions, pickled jalapeno, and wasabi mayo. It was so good, but lacked chili.


This hot dog is the Reuben. It’s topped with pastrami, sauerkraut, Russian dressing and parve cheese. The pastrami was excellent and I loved this combination as well.


You can order any hot dog combination in a burger. To change things up we got the Caribbean in a burger. Its topped with shredded Beef fry, pineapple, garlic mayo and teriyaki sauce. I was not impressed with this burger. There was too much bread and too little meat. I would have prefered this as a hot dog.


The kids loved this chair and were really rockin to the music!


Our trip to miami is over! Im back to the kichen!!! Stay tuned…..


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