Mini Steak Sliders with a Fried Quail Egg and Baked Polenta Fries

Shrinking food is a growing trend. Everything is being downsized into one or two bite meals. Lasagna, Quiches, Pies, Cakes and even Hotdogs have all been miniaturized.  Anything tiny weeny is just so cute.  Just like when you see a … Continue reading

Philip Martin’s Upsherin

My friend recently approached me and asked if I can plan/design/cater her sons 3rd birthday party. As you all know I love parties…So of course I said yes. A boys 3rd Birthday is a very significant stage in Jewish culture. … Continue reading

Salade Cuite aka Matbucha aka Shakshuka

In most Moroccan homes a Shabbat meal is not a meal without all the “salads”. I’m not talking about Greek or Caesar salad, but cooked salads which are actually dips. These salads are served as an appetizer and eaten with bread. … Continue reading