Chocolate Chip Cookies…4 Ways

Chocolate chip cookies are probably the most popular cookies out there. There are so many different types that I like; Crunchy, soft, oatmeal, whole grain, white chocolate, flax, nutty etc… There is not one recipe that I swear by. I … Continue reading

Olivia’s Russian Matryoshka Birthday!

I remember playing with Matryoshka dolls aka nesting dolls as a kid. It was so exciting opening up each layer and finding dolls in decreasing sizes one inside another. The first Matryoshka was created in 1890, but has been recreated … Continue reading

Philip Martin’s Upsherin

My friend recently approached me and asked if I can plan/design/cater her sons 3rd birthday party. As you all know I love parties…So of course I said yes. A boys 3rd Birthday is a very significant stage in Jewish culture. … Continue reading

A little light shines so bright

This really is the most wonderful time of the year! All the lights and decoration are so pretty.  I was truly inspired by a video on Chanukah given over by Rabbi Dovid Charlop. ( Link: ) On the table I … Continue reading